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Masked and socially distanced, some of our scholars are preparing to return to school.


Colin* was 14 years old when we met him. His father had died and his mother married again. Some of his younger siblings remained with the mother but Colin’s eyes filled with tears when he told us he had been sent away to live with his grandparents. Colin’s grandparents are subsistence farmers who keep a few animals and grow a few crops. They have eleven children and numerous grandchildren. Life can be very hard with so many mouths to feed, especially when the rains fail or the ground is flooded. It is not unusual for the children to go to bed hungry. Colin’s bed is a rush mat on the floor of a small hut he shares with his uncle and two of his cousins. The hut is in poor condition and the straw roof leaks when the heavy rains come.

His grandparents were thrilled when we offered Colin a scholarship to study in a primary school in Lira. He is a bright boy and he quickly settled into his new school and worked hard to achieve excellent marks in his exams.

In March 2020 the schools were closed because of Covid-19 and Colin, like all the other children, spent many months at home. In October 2020 he was able to return to school and he is working towards sitting his Primary Leaving Exam early next year. Soon he will be in secondary school with the hope of a very bright future.


Dorie* was able to see when she was very little but when she was three years old, she lost her sight. Dorie’s mother deserted the children and her father sees no hope for a blind child. He is poor and finds it very hard to raise the money for school fees. When money is very short, it is his other children who attend school and sometimes Dorie remains at home.

We have awarded this bright child with so much potential a scholarship, and now she is able to attend school regularly. She will take her Primary Leaving Exam  in 2022 and will have the opportunity to continue her education in a secondary school for the blind. What a difference this will make to her life!

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the children but their stories are true.